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The message system software used by The Crystal Ball Forum is unique on the internet, with many features not available anywhere else.

Message Reading

Read Non-Stop: streams all messages from any point in the current messagebase. You never have to click on individual links... it's all laid out for you on one screen.

Read NEW Non-Stop: Same as Non-Stop, except that the system remembers what message you last read and will pick up from there.

Automated Delivery

Track up to 5 individual technicians or analysts to have their new commentary delivered to you immediately by email as soon as it is posted to the forum.


IGNORE feature lets you filter out any author whose messages you would prefer to avoid.

Category Toggles let you avoid threads and topics you have no interest in.

Sorting and Searching

Sort: Sort messages by date, author, subject, and topic, and stream the results.

Search: Search messages by date, author, subject, topic, or user-defined keyword (full-text), and stream the results.

Archives: all messages posted to the forum are archived nightly and made available to subscribers for historical perspective and review

Archive search: Message archives can be searched by author, subject, or user-defined keyword (full-text)


Members with posting privileges* can EDIT or DELETE messages after they have been posted, giving them full control over their contributions.

*Posting privileges are limited primarily to newsletter writers and trading service providers, as well as by referral and/or invitation.

Member Networking

Member Directory, where members can optionally post their profile, is linked directly to the forum and accessible within message posts. Note that members who choose not to post their profiles will remain anonymous to other members, at their own discretion.

Conference area and "instant paging" for real-time chatting.

Who's Online shows you who currently on the network at any time.

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